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Please take the time to read a few testimonials from our current and past customers.

I live in Chicago and have an apartment in Hallandale Florida. Being a long distance owner of a property, specifically an unoccupied property, is challenging.

When I got the call from the management of my building that my apartment had incurred water damage from the apartment above I literally had no one to turn to for help. My only source of help was the management office and they indicated that they would get to the problem when they could.

Not being there, I had no idea the extent of the damage, so my assumption was it could wait to be taken care of. The owner of the upstairs apartment was smarter than I and she was on it right away. She called John of RightNow Cleaning & Restoration and told me she would have him look out for me as well.

John and his crew were there the very same day. Assessed the situation, discovered that there was mold as well as structural damage and began the process of taking care of it right away.

I can't imagine the problems I would be living with now had John not interceded and taken care of the issue with expertise and compassion. I have since been back to Florida and seen for myself what a phenomenal job that John and his men did. They are on my speed dial for life.

Bonnie R.
Hallandale, FL

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We recently had a major plumbing breakage at the Festival Flea Market Mall creating a massive water leak. We had just installed $10,000 worth of brand new carpet that had become water logged. I received a recommendation from somebody in the industry to call RightNow Cleaning & Restoration. Time was of the essence and RightNow arrived in a flash. They saved all the carpet and restored it to brand new showroom condition. The price for their services was also extremely inexpensive. Needless to say I would highly recommend RightNow to anyone.
General Manager
Festival Flea Market Mall
Pompano Beach, FL

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