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Flood from break in icemaker line

This flood happened in Pompano Beach when the water line of the refrigerator's ice maker broke unexpectedly. The residents were away at the time of the break and water running from the ice maker line started flooding the kitchen and surround rooms quickly.

Thankfully this was a clean water flood which was caught a few hours after it started so the damage was not disastrous, but serious enough to need the intervention of a water extraction specialist. Even with clean water it is always imperative to have a State certified technician handle your flood.

This upscale Pompano Beach home had marble floors, which require special care when it comes to water removal. Marble and stone floors, depending on the type and how it were treated, can be very porous and using the wrong water extraction technique can lead to improper drying and further damage to the floor.

The RightNow team acted quickly and we were able to remove the water safely and quickly allowing for more personal belonging to be saved from the flood waters.

This Pompano Beach couple did all the right things, they acted quickly and contracted with the right water removal company. In any flood, whether you are dealing with clean water (as in an ice maker water line) or a sewage water, it is imperative to act within 48 hours.

  • Flood from break in icemaker line
  • Flood from break in icemaker line

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Article date: Nov. 07 2010

Job type: Flood Damage

Job Location: Pompano Beach - Broward County


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