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Mold growing from Water Leak

What started as a service call with a complaint of mildew on furniture in a home in Hollywood, FL turned out to be a major mold infestation stemming from a water leak that took place 2 years ago from an A/C drain leak. Mold started to grow behind the air conditioner and inside the walls surrounding that area.

Whenever you have mold or mildew growing in visible sight, the chances are that there is another source of mold in your home.

After performing an air quality testing, followed by our expert inspection, we were able to find the hidden mold. We removed the mold which was causing the issue and returned the home to a healthy balance.

Mold is naturally occurring in our environment, but in high concentration in the air, mold can cause serious illnesses, and sometimes even death. Whenever you suspect that your home might be infested with mold, especially after a leak from an air conditioning unit, you should always contact a State licensed mold specialist to examine the area; since the faster a mold problem is detected, the least expensive it will be to mitigate.

  • Mold growing from Water Leak
  • Mold growing from Water Leak

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Article date: Jan. 11 2011

Job type: Mold Removal

Job Location: Hollywood - Broward County


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  • Water Leak
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