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Mold Growing on Shoes

Mold growing on shoes... Doesn't sound like a big deal. After all, this is Fort Lauderdale, South Florida, an area notorious for humidity and mold growth. This is why most people discount mold growing on shoes pretty quickly. What's a little mold on your shoes after all...

Well, as it turns out, sporadic mold growth can be the sign of a much more problematic underlying mold problem. Mold travels by air, and in order to land on your shoes, it had to come from somewhere. In other words, mold cannot originate from your shoes, and if the origin is unknown to you, meaning that you never noticed mold anywhere in your house, chances are the mold is hiding behind a wall, in the attic, or somewhere you either don't have access to, or never thought of looking.

These undetected mold areas are particularly dangerous as molds grows there freely and can keep growing until it reaches harmful levels well before you can ever notice it. By the time you notice the underlying growing mold, the damage to your home could be such that your home could need major mold remediation.

Having your home tested by a State Certified Mold Technician as soon as you notice any sign of mold growth on shoes, baseboards, furniture, food in pantry, or other areas is the only way to protect your home from costly repairs and disturbance.

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Article date: Feb. 23 2012

Job type: Mold Inspection

Job Location: Fort Lauderdale - Broward County


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